This page sets our the privacy policy for any visitors to this website or people using our service.

Website Visitors:

We do not collect any data from you apart from anonymous data which is collected via Google Analytics. This data shows things such as what sites people come from before they come to the website, how long they spend on the website and what pages they look at etc. We use this data to help improve the user experience of the website. This data is not passed to any other third party outside of Google Analytics. By visiting our website you are granted us permission to collect this data.

Users of our service:

The only information we collect from you is your phone number. This phone number is deleted from our records 48 hours after your appointment has ended. The phone number is not passed onto any third party. If you making an outcall appointment we do ask for your full address including postcode. This information is also deleted 48 hours after your appointment as ended.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please contact us.